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Monday, July 17, 2017

"How to Talk to Your Teen About Colluding with Russia" - McSweeny's

Raising children is difficult. How do I know? I don't actually have any children. Haven't raised any myself, but, I was a child, the oldest of four. We were like a little lawless gang. I was the leader. I look back now and wonder how our parents made it through fairly intact.

Anyway, I can imagine raising children today is super-difficult. I don't envy today's parents. Every child today is walking around with a little device with the power of a supercomputer, connected to a global network. Lots of potential for trouble.

For instance, parents have to worry about things my folks never had to worry about. This week's hot topic: How to Talk to Your Teen About Colluding with Russia. You are thinking Donald Sr. probably wishes he had this special talk with Donald Jr. earlier in the game. A word to wise, you should probably read the whole thing...

"Even the best-behaved teen is likely to encounter a situation where he or she is tempted to collude with Russia. Unfortunately for parents, a teen’s natural tendency to test the limits of independence can often manifest itself in his or her exchanging sensitive information with Russian emissaries for material or other rewards. If not constructively addressed during adolescence, colluding with Russia can have much more serious consequences in adulthood."


"Remember, any effort you make now to address your teen’s colluding with Russia is like an investment in their future. The last thing any parent wants is for the behavior to carry into adulthood when it can seriously hurt the parent as well as the child!"

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