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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

We are Watching the Unraveling of the Coverup!

My theory about what's going on...

Are you paying attention to the Russian Hacking/Dupe in the White House story? It's hard to miss it, but it's all very confusing. Lots of weird details floating around. Conspiracy theories. Lots and lots of smoke. But no smoking gun.

Although, if you are checking in on the Russian side of the story, lots of people (up to 8 now), close to Putin are turning up with "lead poisoning" - bullets in the back, in the front, dead on the street. Plus suspicious early deaths, falling out of windows, etc. I suppose it could just be back luck, incidental accidents, but just so happens these unfortunate souls may have information that would be helpful to investigators about the whole Russian Hacking thing!

And on this side of the story, there are quite a few folks under a cloud of suspicion. People very close to the Little Baby Man. A former campaign manager, a key former NSA advisor, early supporters, and close confidants. Lots of information floating around. Contradictory. Confusing. Not sure what the hell is happening.

What we know for sure: The FBI has a major investigation underway. People close to the new President are under investigation for "coordination" with a Hostile Foreign Power. And it turns out that lots of these folks have had many meetings (in secret!), with Russian officials. And these Russian officials are known to be active Russian agents.

We also know that the Little Baby Man has been swimming in Russian money for years and years. His empire was built on lots of shady deals, and huge amounts of money flowed in from Russia and Russian ally states. Investigators suspect that some of this money was from illegal sources that needed to be laundered. A perfect setup for our Fraudster in Chief!

So what's happening right now?! We are watching, in slow motion, the coverup. We don't know the exact details of the crime, we can't see the ins and outs of what actually went down, who, did what, and when, but we are watching an active, kind of panicky, and fairly sloppy coverup going down before our very eyes.

And the coverup is unraveling! That's why everything seems so weird, strange, uncertain. It's also why I believe this is the major story of our time. It will go down as one of the biggest political scandals of all-time. A compromised election. A compromised candidate. A compromised President. Pretty sure more people will be implicated, more people will be resigning, more people will be lawyering up.

Powerful people will be going to jail... keep your eyes peeled, this story has legs!

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