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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Let it Come Down!

Josh Marshall gives a nice overview of the Russian Hacking Investigation that opened for business yesterday in the House of Representatives.

There is a major FBI investigation going on, it started in July of 2016. It implicates people in the highest levels of our new government. Pretty interesting, existential, life-changing stuff.

Hard to read the tea leaves. 

The FBI Director was pretty cagey yesterday. Yes, he did confirm that our new President is a "wack-job" who Tweets really, really stupid, nonsensical, and inflammatory things, and yes, he did confirm that an investigation of Russian Hacking, and "collusion" between political operatives in Russia and the USA is on-going, maybe only in the early stages.

Evan Osnos from the New Yorker also has a tremendous write-up about it all. Must-read. I love this line, you know, sometimes History reads as Destiny & Fate: 

"Trump, too, now confronts the prospect of a Presidency shaped not only by the events to come but by past events that he cannot change."

No one quite knows where this is all going, but it's a real story, not fake news, not just politics. Dare I say it, maybe overstate it, the fate of the nation kind of hinges on what happens next. Pretty sure, really bad, stupid, things went down to undermine a free and fair election. Not good, can't & hopefully won't stand.

Let it come down! Let the cleansing and the healing begin. 

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