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Friday, March 31, 2017

It is Raining Shoes!

Hah. You think maybe you've overstated the weirdness, the balls out craziness of the story unfolding before your eyes... but as soon as you pause to take a breath, events conspire...

Another bombshell yesterday. 

Maybe the rats start turning on each other? The ship is sinking. Taking on water. The rats scramble and start gnawing at each other.  Rat eat rat!

It's like a new Netflix series... but this one is a hybrid, think: "House of Cards" meets "The Three Stooges." The Little Baby Man is played by Moe Howard. He's mean. Lots of eye-poking, and shouting, and stomping around. Trying to hide a big whomping conspiracy. But unfortunately, this lead character is no Kevin Spacey. He's just too dim. Bad haircut. Really incapable of holding two thoughts in his head at the same time.

A bumbling, mean-spirited fool. Way in over his head. Taking on water...

And still there are layers and layers to this weirdness. Josh Marshall has another installment in his "The Gravity is Strong" series... another shoe just dropped. It is raining shoes!


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