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Saturday, March 04, 2017

Flashing on the Scandal!

Yes. I have also been flashing back to the summer of 1973, the summer of the Watergate Hearings in Washington D.C.

An engaged press, a few intrepid reporters, a deep source inside the FBI, a large Senate Committee digging for the truth, helped reveal and unravel a scandal and brought down a President.  It was a thrilling time to be engaged with Politics. 

We watched the impossible. Nixon resigning in disgrace.

The newly-elected administration of 2017 seems to be gripped in the throes of a scandal that rivals Watergate. A President and his henchmen colluding with a "hostile foreign power" to win an election, and to remake relations between old enemies.

So much weirdness. So much uncertainty. So many damaging leaks coming out. Such an engaged press. And this new President seems so unhinged, unmade, unworthy of being President.

I do think it's all starting to unravel. There are people in Washington D.C. who have the goods on this man. The relentless flow of damaging leaks is mind-boggling. Already just over a month into the new term and folks are resigning, and recusing, and found to be lying.

Here is the President, Tweeting into his smartphone, in his bathrobe in the darkness of his quarters on early March 4 2017. Is this the beginning of the total unraveling of this man's mind?

No fun in the Furher-Bunker. Seems like it just dawned on this guy that he has been under investigation by the FBI for quite awhile. Karma... the chickens coming home to roost?!

Of course, as Ben Rhodes, Obama's Foreign Policy Advisor says in reply to the above rant: "No President can order a wiretap. Those restrictions were put in place to protect citizens from people like you."

*** BTW - If it is true that the FBI has been wiretapping and monitoring Trump and his associates, it's because there was probable cause a crime was committed,  and the FBI had to present evidence before a  special Judge to get the wiretaps approved. Even I knew that... our current President, not so much... sad!

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