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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

More Notes on the Mad King!

More notes on The Mad King. (See previous post.)

The Mad King is a petty tyrant. He is easily angered by trivialities. He mis-understands. Everything. Some think he does it purposely, but it's just that he is blinded to the needs & desires of others. He only sees his own needs and desires.

The Mad Kings rages, blusters, cavils.  He strikes out at all those below him. He dominates, preens, and struts. He throws his weight around. He is big, heavy. Unhealthy. He uses his unhealthiness like a weapon. He feeds his unhealthiness, he cultivates his madness. Madness is his special wound. He tends to it, magnifies it. Idolizes it.

The Mad King is an ignorant man. He believes he is endowed by his Creator with a special mission. His mission is to feed himself, care for himself, build his massive Ego into monuments all over the kingdom. 

He hates. Hates anything not him. With vigor. 

He wants applause. Applause is never enough. He wants love. There is no love for this Mad King. He conjures up vast seas of loyal subjects who look up to him with respect and admiration. This vast sea of adoring subjects is a complete, deluded mirage.

The Mad King can't sleep. He paces his dark nights alone. Sputtering, scheming, inventing conspiracies. He sees and hears conspiracies in every corner. He doesn't trust anyone. He doesn't trust his own henchmen. No one can ever be considered trustworthy. No one can follow the Mad King down every mad rabbit hole. Only he can go there. He is truly, truly alone.

He builds, but he only creates monstrosities. Ugly, garish, hideous monuments. They are public constructions made from excrement. Mountains of shit. The Mad King puts his name on countless mountains of shit and claims an uncommon excellence. 

Some of the Common Folk pretend to see excellence, but most of the Common Folk are not fooled. The stench coming from these monuments of shit is overwhelming, disgusting. Peoples of the land holds their noses, cover their faces with rags.  They try their best to not let the stench invade them.

To smell the shit, is to eat the shit. Madness. 

In these times, Kings are no longer what they used to be, Kings are now subject to laws, the Press, the "consent" of the people,  still, this Mad King is a special case, a true embarrassment, he has been empowered, and he is determined to wreak a certain havoc on the land. He will break things, and claim he is creating. He will multiply problems and claim he has found solutions. He will constantly make mad, insane, senseless proclamations. Anyone with common sense will be rendered speechless by his baseless, unworthy, insane words.

An unlucky land for sure.

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