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Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Art of the Deal = A Fraud!

Pardon me for one moment...

Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha!

Remember how the New Guy, the Little Baby Man, was supposed to be a "rainmaker," an extraordinary salesman with almost magical powers of persuasion, a closer, a "deal-maker?"

Nope. Love this quote from Politico's writeup"Forget about the little shit." Boldly taken out of context, I propose he was talking about himself, or Paul Ryan? Ha! Yes, we'd like to forget about the little shit!

"The little shit" = the policy details. Of course the Little Baby Man didn't know what was in the bill. You know this guy. The Sales Guy who has no clue what he's selling. He thinks his charisma, bravado, can-do attitude can do the trick.  Sorry, that's a no-go. What a loser!

What happened? A total debacle. A shit-show. The GOP and the New Guy showed the country just how clueless, inept, weak, ineffective and counter-productive they really, really are. Good job!

New definition: "The Art of the Deal:" - "You better pass this piece of shit bill or else I'm gonna look bad and weak, and I'll be really, really, really mad."

Too bad, so sad! Go suck your thumb Little Baby Man! Hah!

Yes, in Washington D.C. it is all seen as a big deal... 

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