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Friday, November 18, 2016

Trump Trifecta: Kakistocracy, Autocracy, Kleptocracy!

Bad shit happens. Maybe you learn something. I learned a new word this week: Kakistocracy. "Government by the worst people." Welcome to your new American Dream. Ryan Lizza tells us the first week of Trump is already quite "alarming." 

And Masha Gessen, an old hand at living with Putin, gives us some rules for living with an Autocracy. What is an "autocracy?" A government ruled by a person with total power. Think Putin. Think of Trump as America's Putin. Some of the rules to navigate our new reality:  #4 Be Outraged. And. #3 Institutions will not save you. And. #1 Believe the Autocrat.

Chilling. Scary. A new way to think about your new America. We have entered uncharted territory. Maybe it's much easier to destroy our country than we ever really imagined?

And Matt Yglesias delves into how Trump will almost assuredly be our most corrupt President ever.  It's pretty much a given. A built-in feature, not a flaw. Think Kleptocracy. Seeking status and personal gain? Mixing business with politics? Using power to punish people? That is the essence of Trump.

Only a week into the transition to Trump. It's clear we are fucked. Beyond our imaginings. Anyone who spent any time worrying about Hillary's emails, should have their freaking heads examined. It's gonna be a long, painful, 4 year, winter.

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