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Sunday, November 27, 2016

60 Million Radicalized White People!

I have read my share of post-Trump articles. My head has been swimming in a sea of unknowingness, spinning like that little girl's head in the "Exorcist." How could it be that many of my fellow citizens voted for such a clearly repulsive, retrograde con man?

This article from the Globe and Mail is quite the good read: "Whitewashed!" You should read the whole thing. It's actually got facts and figures, and real stories about real people, well-researched, well-written, just the kind of thing needed to clear our heads.

Read the whole thing so you can get to the last line, which is a keeper: "If they want to end this nightmare, they will need to find a way to reach 60 million radicalized white people and find words that can bring them back to earth."

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