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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Put the Panic on Hold!

A day off. Finally. A day to chill, to reflect. To panic?! Oh please, God, no. Maybe put the panic on hold.

I mean, yes, well, there are plenty of reasons to panic. I won't list them, but let's just say the list is long, deep, and pretty convincing that we are all on the wrong freaking track. Knocking on the door of some weird, ridiculous Apocalypse. Ice is melting, seas are rising, oceans are dying, ecosystems disappearing.

Totally crazy people will soon be in charge. And the common people are turning on each other. Like mad dogs. Aaarrrffff!

Out of balance. Out our heads. Hopefully not out of luck. Today is the day where Sisyphus can take a break from rolling that stone up the hill. He can chill out. Eat turkey and pie, and watch football, or argue politics with his relatives. Hopefully no one comes to the dinner table armed. Could get messy.

Funny thing. Sisyphus will miss rolling that rock today. Too much time to reflect. Too much time to think. And quickly those thoughts turn dark. Better to do. That's the lesson of the story. Keep on rolling that rock. Even if it comes back down. I mean, actually it's a really good thing it keeps rolling back down, gives old Sisyphus a purpose, a reason to live.

It doesn't take much to keep going. Life wants to carry forward. It's a natural thing. All it takes is a little glimmer of a light. A tiny little glimmer. There's hope in that little glimmer. Yes, there is, for sure.

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