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Monday, November 14, 2016

It's like the Dark Ages Redux Again!

"Yes it's like the Dark Ages have descended... and, we all know the exact moment: this day, this time, it has begun... the darkness came, and nothing was ever going to be the same. And we all know what living through dark times is like, we can remember those years of terror, torture, and institutional ignorance. Not that long ago, except it feels like another lifetime. That time we didn't know, we were dancing in the dark, not realizing how dark it was going to get, how bad things we going to be, but this timewe know, it's as if we all have "precognition," we can see what's coming, and it's not good. It is not a happy, sunny vision. This time the forces of darkness are overloaded, abundant, all-powerful, and willfully, proudly, diabolically ignorant. It is so dark at the moment, we have to root for ignorance to somehow undermine, or override the whole grand, lurching, movement. But of course, ignorance on it's own can do great damage too."

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