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Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Fierce Vision!

You know I did the sane, rational, upstanding, right thing. For sure. I voted for the progressive woman with a long track record of competence and dedication to public service. I voted to continue Barack Obama's agenda. I voted for a positive future. An inclusive, multi-cultural soup of a country.

And my candidate won more votes than the other one, maybe close to 2 million more votes, (never forget), and the guy who is taking office will be entering it with the lowest approval ratings in the modern era. Oh yeah, he has also shown himself to be an unashamed bigot - misogynist, racist -  a man of colossal flaws, with a sea of conflict of interests floating around his rotund body. He never once tried to hide this reality. And nearly half the voting public voted for him anyway.

Baffling. Unexplainable. So, anyway, everyone in my orbit is freaking out! Totally. And we are all scratching our heads, asking, "What happened?!"The Black Swan has landed. Right in the middle of our multi-cultural soup.

It's funny. We are the ones doing the soul-searching. We are vowing to clean up our acts, be better people. We somehow feel we have let folks down. We did the right thing, but for some reason we are all being punished. The gods are not happy. They are bringing down the Reign of the Con upon our confused land. It's such an ugly picture.

How to move forward? That's been the question hanging over us the last week. And it's a question that will hang over us for a long time. I don't wish anything terrible to happen to the Hollow Con Man, that would be counter to my "spiritual" ideals. But I do hope that he "gets what he deserves," you know, "reaps what he sows." If you act hateful you attract hate. If you cause pain, you attract pain. If you treat others with contempt you create contempt for yourself. That's the land he lives in: hate, pain, contempt!

I intend to live in a different land, one that coexists with the Reign of the Con, but in loyal opposition to it. Instead of hate - love, instead of pain - comfort, instead of contempt - joy.  I will cling to this vision fiercely!

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