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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Outrage Every Ten Minutes?!

Kevin Drum tells us this morning that Trump "flips out yet again!" I am beginning to think that I just won't be able to keep up. A Trump outrage per day, per hour, per every ten minutes? Someone should confiscate his smartphone right now, lock it away in a secure location, so we all can take a break. I mean, he isn't even sworn in yet, and I already have major Trump fatigue!

He is a bumbling, babbling madman. Yes, he is gonna be President (unless some kind of black swan miracle happens), and it's gonna be a long cold, lonely winter for progressives. We have to fight the fight, keep hope alive, root for the opposition, march, vote, etc. But we may have to just tune out that idiot for much of the duration.

Let the man babble away. Most of what he says is total gibberish. He is so brain-addled, maybe he will just twist himself into a big, fat, useless pretzel. Laughter and Love. And a decided Deafness. Those are our best tools. Just decide not to hear a word that man says. And figure that whatever he says is really, really stupid, and must be countered every step of the way.

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