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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Hack the Hack or maybe UnHack the Hack!

Blame it on the pie (see previous post). Make no mistake, pie is powerful stuff. All that wholesome goodness - fruit, sugar, organic flour - shaped in a mystical, ancient, circular pattern. Food of the Gods for sure. Can you over-do pie? Yes, for sure. Look out for the sugar rush, the food coma, the extra calories. But there's is nothing quite like a human being on a pie-binge!

So, anyway, post-pie, I am ready to put on my Political Agitator Hat. There are a few good reasons for the Electors to NOT cast their votes for Trump, and to choose Clinton instead. I say "Hack the Hack," or maybe "Un-Hack the Hack!"

This all may be a long-shot, a Hail-Mary, another Black Swan event, following a Black Swan event, but so what?! There is something fundamentally wrong about the thought & reality of a Trump Presidency, wrong on so many levels.

1. Trump's business interests conflict with the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. He hasn't divested himself of his business interests, he hasn't released his Tax Returns, and it's obvious he has many business conflicts world-wide. It's actually Unconstitutional to have him serve as President. He has already essentially violated the clause, in the Transition period, mixing his business & politics. The man is one, unconstitutional, massive, coruscating, conflict of interest!

2. The Russians & extreme right wing elements in the FBI essentially corrupted the election process by spreading Disinformation. The Russians also may have colluded with the Trump team to disrupt the vote before the election. Clinton still won the Popular Vote but her margins were less robust because of the info-hacks from a foreign Government and an American Government Entity (FBI) infiltrated by Anti-Democratic elements.

3. The Electoral College itself is a "system hack" originally created to induce Slave-Holding States to join the Union. In this case, the Popular vote and Electoral vote are so "out of whack," Trump's Electoral win is truly UnDemocratic! Democracy undermined! As of this moment Hillary Clinton's Popular Vote Win Total over Trump is 2,103,589 (and counting)! That's a lot of Democracy!

Oh yeah, he's also a bigoted, racist, misogynist of epic proportions, a man totally unqualified for the job. But any one of the above 3 reasons are probably enough to deny him the Presidency!

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