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Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Outrage is Just Starting!

Yes, it's like a death in the family. No doubt. No way around it. And the Outrage is just starting. Hasn't even been sworn in yet. So it's a slow-motion, multi-year death, that will hang over us all - this country, this world, this mankind, for a very long time - and things will never be the same again. Maybe it's more like a plague. A deep disease that has infected the land.

Sounds pretty fucking dire.  Yes, and it is.

No way around it. And as Krugman reminds us, none of this should be "normalized." People must call it out, they need to take a stand. 

"And anyone who doesn’t — who plays along and plays it safe — is betraying America, and mankind."

I say, gimmee the truth. No, scratch that. I figure no one is gonna gimmee anything. We need to search for the truth. To nail it down, find out the sources, confirm the facts. Too much disinformation floating around. Too many conspiracy theories. 

Tune out the noise machine. Search out the true investigative journalism. Search out the true progressive voices. Be tough-minded. Don't fall prey to lazy thinking. 

We the People have some explaining to do. How could we be so thoughtless, cavalier, contemptuous of our own democracy, our own country? It's a shame. And a tragedy. Many of us are to blame. And now we will bear the consequences. No way around it.

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