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Friday, July 08, 2016

Zero Sum vs. It Takes A Village!

Maybe I do understand the devolution of America (see previous post). Just take the time to read and think and you come up with some answers.

"Zero Sum" vs. "It Takes a Village." Two opposed world-views.  Opposed ideals. Opposed goals. Opposed language. Deeply opposed philosophies. No wonder we can't talk to each other, understand each other, come to any kind of working consensus.

One conception of the world envisions winners and losers. Winners who win everything. Losers who lose everything. Winners are born. Same with losers. It's all against all, baby!

The other conception considers all of us one family. A Global tribe. In it together. No one is alone. Everyone needs everyone. We succeed together. Or fail together.

The 2016 election is a microcosm of this deep dichotomy. 

The Authoritarian White Guy. The Winner. Declaring he will gather the winners around him and win. Against the immigrants, the Free-Traders, the Minorities, the whole, motley gang of losers ruining America.


The Progressive White Liberal Woman. Declaring we can create a global village, a "win-win," situation where everyone has to "give a little." Chip in. Offer a helping hand. Carry their brothers to the finish line.

Okay. Simplistic. But maybe the essence of the matter.

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