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Thursday, July 21, 2016

GOP Highlights Day 3!

Day Three Highlight 1: I must admit I hardly listened. I just heard a short recap. But I did hear Ted Cruz the Zodiac Killer tell the crowd to "vote your conscience." Which really pissed them off. Hah! That's pretty good. I mean Ted is a supremely creepy guy who really makes your skin crawl, but I have to give him credit for standing up at the GOP convention and refusing to endorse the man they all love and admire. It takes guts, or at least a certain creepy cluelessness to actively seek such a negative reception, and to stand in defiance of the Short Fingered Vulgarian at his coronation. The Zodiac Killer Strikes Again! 

Day Three Highlight 2: I also listened to the "common" people, the convention-goers, speak. My fellow Americans at the Convention. I want to understand, I want to be compassionate. But it's really, really difficult. I would say that most of these folks do not have a coherent political philosophy. Many of them actually need therapy. There is a deep sickness in the land. These are orchestrated "days of hate." There is nothing to refute, there is no argument to understand. Many of them sound desperate, clueless. They feel like they have lost something and they are flailing about looking to hit someone.

Words that come to mind to describe this event: grotesque, sad, creepy, weird, unhinged, desperate, irrational, fearful, hateful, racist, delusional, psychotic. Yeah, that's the modern, of the moment, GOP!

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