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Friday, July 29, 2016

See the Light, Pass It On!

I am a sucker for the positive pitch. Always have been. I see the glass half-full. I lean to the light. I love a sunny day, blue skies, puppies, flowers, smiles, kind words, happy people.

I do have my existential edge. I can go dark. I have my "dark nights of the soul," I can conjure the darkness with the best of them.

But when it really comes down to it, I am a hopeful, optimistic soul. Even in the darkest moments, I reach to the light, the positive idea, the last hopeful thought.

So yes, I am all in with Barack & Michelle Obama. And Hillary Clinton. And Joe Biden. And Tim Kaine. Etc. 

I know these people just stood on a stage this week, and said a lot of words. But words do matter. The "vision thing" is important.

I do believe in the progressive movement. I do think we can make a better world. I do think we have to conjure up the best ideas, imagine the best futures for each other, and try to implement them, try to improve life for every one.

I do believe it "takes a village." None of it is easy. There will always be darkness, pain, death, and broken dreams, but we do need to "wake up," and try to see the light, and pass it on. 

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