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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Antidote!

Let's say you've fallen into a nest of vipers. And you have been bitten in all the usual places, and some unusual places too. And the venom is coursing through your body. And you are knocking on death's door. Poison. You are poisoned! That's what it's like this election season.

What to do?

If you can, watch this video. Right now. It is the antidote! A blast of hope. And positivity. An amazing woman. Professional. Accomplished. Beautiful. Graceful. Inspiring. The ultimate role model. A wife, a mother. A woman of substance. Intelligence. Blazing integrity.

Think - authentic, genuine, the absolute best. The best of America embodied in one tremendous package. If you don't agree, don't see her as the finest example of what makes America great, you are blinded, by race, by hate, by ideology, or some other malodorous condition.

For the rest of us... the antidote. I watched this speech yesterday morning, and walked around in a bubble of joy and good feeling the rest of the day... amazing, inspiring... 

Michelle Obama is not a politician, she doesn't talk policy much, but she brings it all into focus, as a mother, a wife, a woman filled with charisma and grace. Watch this... do yourself a favor. Get a healing of the spirit, the mind, the heart... the life you save may be your own...

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