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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Beyond the Fringe on Mind!

This has been a lifetime conundrum , you know, an "intricate and difficult" problem - minds thinking about minds, brains studying brains.

What is consciousness? Does it transcend our bodies? How does mind emerge out of "brain?" 

I don't think our brains are like computers or machines. I think our brains/minds are more like forests, or oceans, or rivers, or herds of gazelles. 

I don't think we are machines who mistakenly think we possess magic. I think we do possess magic. And we don't know what we are.

Yes, I very much like this...

panpsychism — the idea that consciousness is universal, existing as some kind of mind stuff inside molecules and atoms.Consciousness doesn’t have to emerge. It’s built into matter, perhaps as some kind of quantum mechanical effect. One of the surprising developments in the last decade is how this idea has moved beyond the fringe. 

And when someone says, "quantum mechanical effect," they may as well be talking "magic," or "mystery," or something like the "divine!"

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