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Saturday, May 14, 2016

When Does the Short-Fingered Vulgarian Cry Uncle?!

I am surprised the Short Fingered Vulgarian has gone as far as he has so far. Something tells me he isn't gonna make it to November. Did the Dude used to pose as his own publicist back in the 90's? That would be a funny, silly thing to do. Maybe if you were just a blowhard real estate mogul you could do that kind of thing, and no one would care.

But now, running to be President, that kind of funny, silly thing doesn't look so funny, silly or cute anymore. And hanging up on Washington Post reporters in the middle of a phone call? That's funny, but in a much different kind of way. Can this guy keep up the charade until November?

I do like the idea of the major newspapers of our land (NYT, Washington Post) delving deep into the history of this man. It should all be quite entertaining. When does the Dude take his ball and go home?

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