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Monday, May 02, 2016

What is Aging Like?!

What is aging like? Just in case you wanted to know. You morph. Your mind and body changes. Some changes are pretty subtle, some changes are kind of radical. They say that every 7 years your cells have pretty much been regenerated, and have been replaced. But also every 7 years it's like a copy of a copy. Do this over and over again and you get a blurry, fuzzy, copy of a copy. Aging is sort like that.

The narrative in your head gets longer. But there are lots of parts of the narrative that get buried, or lost. Or maybe it's in there somewhere but you just can't recall those parts any more. If you are a positive type you might make parts of the narrative a bit sunnier than they actually were, and if you are a negative type, you might make parts of the narrative a bit gloomier than they actually were, but for most of that stuff, who really knows but you?

You look in the mirror and don't really know the person looking back. There is something familiar, but also lots of odd details that don't add up. I haven't seen that Jeff Goldblum movie "The Fly" in a long time, maybe I saw it a life-time ago. Don't want to look it up now. But if I remember right, Goldblum's character had to deal with the strange, unreasonable horror of watching his body become it's own thing. Yes, aging is a bit like that too.

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