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Friday, May 27, 2016

It Came Down to Meg!

A friend's band, an up and coming outfit, just broke up. They did some nice shows. Did a little tour. Appeared on a big time radio show. Why did they break up? 

Artistic differences!

It all came down to an argument about the White Stripes. Remember them? One band member absolutely loves Meg White's intuitive, innocent, child-like and musically crazy drumming skills. Loose, sloppy. Short of technique, but pretty amazing. Feeling trumps technique.

The other band member thinks her sloppiness, her loose-ness, is messy and terrible. No skill, no technique. Sinks the Stripes sound. Technique trumps feeling.

Put me, of course, in the first camp. Love Meg!

UPDATE: As for Jack, no question. Meg and her intuitive approach to the drum kit was the heart and soul of the White Stripes. Check out his conversation with Kot & Derogatis on Sound Opinions to hear it first-hand!

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