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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Transgender - Love & Respect!

Transgender is a real thing. As some folks have pointed out, equal rights and respect for transgender people is just the latest progressive cause. It's logical & human to expand, include and encourage people to be who they believe they are - male, female, none of the above.

My friend pointed out to me that other species, like the common reed frog switch genders too. So when it comes to human beings, it's not so radical. Just another step forward in our consciousness. We can be understanding, generous, supportive. It's in our nature!

In the case of frogs it's a natural reaction to the stress of the environment - if there are not enough males needed for procreation, frogs switch from female to male. So there's some kind of environmental logic at work too.

Maybe that's the case with people too? Who knows. But I am totally into the idea that we can continue to expand and enhance and enlarge what it means to be a human being. Love and respect!

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