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Sunday, May 08, 2016

Lean to the Light!

Cultural, social, political dissonance. I've been swimming in it. I think we all have. I think of myself as a "wise-guy." I keep my head in the game. I keep my ears open. I try my best to understand who I am, where I live, what's happening around me.

There is so much negativity, corrosive thought and speech in the cultural stream. It's hard not to submerge into it and conjure up your own negativity and corrosiveness in response. But that's not my nature.

I am hopeful. Right!? Thinking that things could be better. That not all people are evil or corrupt. That even politicians and other people of power can some times "do the right thing." At least, we should give folks the benefit of the doubt. And be ever watchful to make sure they live up to their words.

Hope. Full. Knowing things are difficult, knowing that we live with pain, loss and tragedy all the time. I don't mind being thought a bit innocent, a bit naive. If I am a wise guy, I am a wise guy who thinks it's wise to find hope in the gloom, who keeps my eyes peeled, stays on-guard, but fills myself up with hope for a better day, a better human being. I hope we can all sort of to lean to the light!

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