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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Bernie is Feeling "The Bern!"

Kevin Drum writes about "The Sad Decline and Fall of Bernie Sanders." I too detect a bit too much anger and bitterness in the man. I do love his agenda. And he has done lots better than I ever thought possible. I always thought he was a long shot, but then he did ride a wave of small donors. He does represent a "movement" and points the way to a more progressive future for the Democratic Party.

But I have always seen Bernie as a guy who never has had to compromise or roll up his sleeves to make anything happen. He has not really been a "politician," a guy practicing politics. Instead he is a prophet on a mission. Same speech every day, for 40 years. A true-blue Democratic Socialist.

Admirable. Sort of like Don Quixote was admirable. A noble soul, fighting windmills. And it turns out lots of folks want to fight windmills too.

But I have always thought his crusade against the Democratic Establishment and 8 years of Barack Obama is totally misguided, and doesn't reflect the reality of our political environment. The problem with politics today doesn't reside with the Democrats. All roads lead to the Bat-Shit Crazy GOP.

Bernie has lost it. I think he got consumed by his own success. And it's not pretty to see. There is that exquisite phrase... "Delusions of Grandeur!"

But this has always been Hillary Clinton's moment. As Paul Krugman says, "she's tough as nails," and she has The Short-Fingered Vulgarian in her periscope. It's gonna be a difficult, ugly campaign but it's time for a Woman to take the reins of power. I do think she's the right woman, at the right time.

A policy wonk. Real plans. Knows the issues. Knows how to politic. A progressive, Democratic, Woman. Now.

UPDATE: Alternatively, just to give Bernie his due, according to this blog post Bernie is not delusional, he has defied the odds many times, hung in, but ultimately is a pragmatist. I guess, we shall see. Does he stand down, graciously join hands with Hillary and agree to take on the GOP together? It's a test of character...

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