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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Always a Better Day!

Put your finger on the problem? I would say, a crisis of spirit - a deficit or lack, or a deep unmet need. Not a spiritual crisis - typically caused by a spontaneous spiritual experience.

We don't have enough spontaneous spiritual experiences. Or if we do, we don't recognize them, or accept them, or just don't see/feel them.

Speak to the people. Meet and greet. There is a great yawning need. A gap. A burning churn. A great lack -  of belief, of meaning, of purpose.

I am not big on the "religion thing," but I am all about spirit. I am pretty sure we must believe in the power of belief. We must be careful of what we choose to believe. We must choose wisely.

There are some basics to my belief: We are more than our bodies. We are all connected. There is a mystery underlying our existence. We are a small part of a much bigger puzzle. Everything counts.

We are everything and nothing. It's complicated.

We get to choose our belief, our meaning, our purpose. Surprisingly, mysteriously, no matter what, I believe in a better day. Always a better day... laughter, love, wonder... and that's enough...

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