Election 2020

Election 2020
Gaseous Little Baby Man Dirigible Implodes!

Monday, July 06, 2020


Pandemic time.

Push the button on red-light pole in the cross-walk in our town, and a voice, male, sort of robotic, says: "Wait." Push it a few times in a row and it sort of sounds kind of "musical" - "Wait... Wait... Wait..."

I think of that as the theme song of the Pandemic 2020.

Time has slowed down. This holiday weekend almost felt like one long, hot summer. 3 days felt like a whole summer.

"Patience, Grasshopper."


Whatever you are doing. "Wait." Take your time. Long, lazy, wandering, bike-rides on the lakefront. Long, leisurely lunches. Long movies. Long listening sessions. 

Everything is longer. Stretched out. Slowed down. Even the sweat rolling off my brow takes forever... 

The a.m. soundtrack - John Zorn - "The Big Gundown" - 15th Anniversary Edition (2000). A freaky soundtrack. A tribute to the late, great Ennio Morricone, one of the greatest film composers ever. This is a wild album. I own many Zorn discs, for awhile I had a major John Zorn obsession. Avant Garde, edgy, weird, mind-expanding & mind-blowing music. Zorn always pushes the envelope. No, scratch that, with Zorn there is no envelope to push. This morning I hear the news that Morricone died at 91. What a great man, what a fabulous artist. His film-scores, especially in those great "spaghetti westerns" were like another character. Distinctive, funny, enrapturing, head-spinning, cool, pop. Zorn reimagines the soundtrack to the "Big Gundown." It's weird, fabulous, sort of ridiculous too. Adds a bit of spice to the morning coffee session.

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