Vote Blue 2020

Vote Blue 2020

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Air Quality Alert!

There is an "Air Quality Alert" today in the Heartland.  Be assured, the "Alert" is not to tip you to the idea that the Air is "Quality" stuff. No, the tip is that the air is "Bad," "Toxic" and assuredly not good for you.

Also, listening to the radio this A.M. I think it is safe to say that the air is a toxic combination of "Stupidity," "Racism," "Human Fallibility" and a "Decided, Determined, Block-Headed, Ineptness."

Human Beings are polluting the air with all their garbage and flaws. I am not feeling good about my fellow Humans this morning. 

The a.m. soundtrack - Stevie Wonder's "Journey thru the Secret Life of Plants."  (1979).  A soundtrack album to a documentary. Everything Stevie Wonder does is worthy of a listen. I snagged this one fairly recently, I have only listened a few times. Not what I expected. It's pretty damn cool. Opens the door to another world. Mostly instrumental, but some singing too. One of the first all-digital recordings. Sounds pretty amazing. It's goofy and weird. "Wonder remarked in 2004 that the album "was an experimental project with me scoring and doing other things I like: challenging myself with all the things that entered my mind from the Venus's Flytrap to Earth's creation to coming back as a flower." Yes. Coming back as a flower would probably be an upgrade, even for one of our finest Humans. Wonder.

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