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Vote Blue 2020

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Better Living with Chemistry - Electrolytes!

Steve Martin in the movie "The Man with Two Brains," (1993) famously "cooked his nines." I really don't remember much else about the movie, but that phrase has been a go-to phrase around here ever since. There was a bit of a heatwave in the heartland, and one day, no doubt, I "cooked my nines." It has happened to me in the past. This time though, I think I cooked my sixes too. Made me think of that Hendrix song: "When Six was Nine." Yes. A six is a nine when it's turned upside down and vice versa. Anyway, cooking your sixes and nines is not a good thing. There were a few days where I felt this force pushing on me. I described it to my friend as the "Unseen Hand" squeezing my head from above.

What's the remedy?! Dear Pilgrim: think Electrolytes!

Luckily, I remembered, or it came to me in a flash. They make some powders and potions that can help you replenish your electrolytes. Seems my sixes and nines have returned, and the Unseen Hand has disappeared. Whew. That's the way to do it. Better living with chemistry!

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