Election 2020

Election 2020
Gaseous Little Baby Man Dirigible Implodes!

Saturday, July 04, 2020

Maybe a Few Moments of Silence?

Sure. Celebrate the "birth" of America. Independence Day 2020. Throwing off the shackles of the British Monarch. Yay!

But, really, come on, it's the middle of a pandemic. Do you need to blow off firecrackers? Do you need to congregate in large groups without masks?

Are you freaking nuts?!

And remember this country was founded on Genocide, Slavery, Misogyny, Racism, Homophobia & Xenophobia.

Maybe a few moments of silence for all the death, destruction, bad blood, travesty & tragedy? That would be appropriate...

The a.m. soundtrack - Allman Brothers' "Brothers & Sisters" (1972) - Unexpectedly good. Duane Allman & Berry Oakley were dead and buried when this was recorded. Surprising that the band carried on. This is probably the Allman's last really good record. This was before Dickie Betts and Greg Allman had their falling out, before Dickie Betts lost his head to bigotry, drugs, racism, and inflated ego. Of course, the Allmans carried on for decades, but no doubt their best work was behind them. Both Duane and Berry had died in motorcycle crashes. This was recorded in the aftermath of those tragedies. This one sounds great this a.m. A classic, American band. Southern to the core. Interracial. Soulful, bluesy. They were broken, but they carried on. So American, so Human.

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