Election 2020

Election 2020
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Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Hope & Visions...

No one, (not even me), wants to make any political prognostications about our 2020 election. We are all gun-shy. We remember, I mean, the memory is seared in our brains, of what happened in 2016, and we have lived with the dire, toxic, mind-numbing, soul-killing consequences ever since.

Let's just say, I hope, I pray, I am trying my best to work the MOJO, I intend to do a conjuring and special dance to assure a Blue Wave 2020. I mean, I will vote for the Democrats up and down the ticket.

It's instructive to watch our current White Supremacist, supremely racist, toxic-clown in chief, flail away, in the midst of a pandemic, and a sea-change in attitudes about race and social injustice. He is a man "out of time," and out of step with reality. He has his rabid, zombie army who follow him, no matter what, but they are fucking bat-shit crazy, beyond repair, beyond reason, beyond the pale. Luckily, they are out-numbered by the rest of us.

Still the toxic clown is doubling and tripling down on racism, and division. It's kind of extraordinary. He is a one-trick pony, a toxic-waste-dump of a human being. Yikes.

I do think we are watching the end of a movement. Looking forward to the crash and burn, and then we must collectively rise like the Phoenix from the ashes. A new day. A new reality. I see a new country emerge from the wreckage. I really, really do.

I mean, no predictions, these are just the hopes and visions that drive me. We must stay engaged, and positive. The Trump Cult is a Death Cult. We must turn to Life, to Love, to A Better Day.

We must...

The a.m. soundtrack - Prince's "Around the World in a Day." (1985). What to say about Prince? An exotic, rare bird. A musical genius. No doubt. Strange character. A hybrid-being and a boundary-crosser. The only other musical artist I can compare him to is Jimi Hendrix. Both were fabulous guitar players. Both shy. Unique voices. Unique songwriters. Unique spirits. This record is sort of "psychedelic." Rock. Pop. Funk. A little bit of Soul. Gospel too: "Everyone is searching for a ladder." A strange mix. Actually, kind of confused and profound. Which is kind of great, and so human. I have always had a bit of trouble understanding where Prince was coming from. A workaholic, prodigious talent, a religious man, a gentle character, twisted, sexual, maximum sensuality in everything he did. Maybe a bit of a  tortured soul. Complex. Lonely. Strange. The work is impressive and amazing. So sad that he died from an overdose of opioids. A tragic ending to an amazing career and life. This record has grown on me. It took awhile for me to get into it.  But so many sounds, layers. Sophisticated production. Pretty amazing. I mean, yeah, I do love this one, even though, also, it's a strange beast, off-putting, and sometimes, maybe even ridiculous. Makes me smile, wince, & laugh. A mixed-bag of genius.

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