Vote Blue 2020

Vote Blue 2020

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The Crooked Wheel...

The crooked wheel.
A broken spoke.
You can learn to live with it.
Don't even notice it.
You ride your bicycle everyday.
That crooked wheel wobbles.
You just adjust.
You acclimate to the wobble.
You wobble too.
You don't even know it.
You are totally unaware.
You are a badly wobbling entity.

One day, your front tire goes flat.
You take it to the bike shop for repair.

The bike tech wonders how
you could even ride
with such a bad wobble.

You shrug. You "didn't know."

You leave the bike there.
Walk home.

Hours later 
you pick up
your bike.

New tube.
Fixed spoke.
No more wobble.
Crooked no more.
Newly aligned.

It's like a new bike.
A new ride.
You fly straight.

You roll down the pavement, the path, with ease.

You can learn to live with the crooked wheel.
But you don't need to.
You can wake up.
Straighten up and fly.
Straighter than an arrow.
With ease... 
no more.

Sometimes a change of consciousness 
is one flat tire away.

The a.m soundtrack - Chicano Batman's "Invisible People." (2020). New sounds. Just "discovered" this band, actually tipped to it by Greg Kot of Sound Opinions. Per Greg: One of the "best of 2020, so far." Fun. Funky. Great catchy tunes. A melting pot of influences. Sounds so new and refreshing. Chicano Batman, the kind of Superhero we could use right now. 

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