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Saturday, December 03, 2016

You Do Not Want this Man on the Phone to Taiwan, Pissing Off the Chinese Dragon. Not in this Reality!

Is it just me? No, probably not. For sure not the 65,250,336 people who voted for the sane, progressive Woman. BTW - just to remind myself and the world, that's 2,561,274 more votes (and still counting) than the Creep.

Anyway, so, no, probably, it's not just me who thinks that if the USA is going to "get tough with China," the effort probably shouldn't be led by a guy who has failed repeatedly at his business, who has declared bankruptcy many times, who owes lots of money to lots of people (we don't know the details, he still won't share his tax returns with the world), a guy with a very loose relationship with the facts, a guy with loose lips, who says lots of really stupid things often, about people of all sexes, races, religions.

I mean, maybe Reality TV works in the good old USA, but I do think finally Reality TV will bump up against the real Reality. And the shit will fly!

Yes. I mean, No. You do not want this guy on the phone to Taiwan, basically pissing off the Chinese Dragon...

Not a good idea in any Universe. And when it comes to negotiating, I don't think Trump can negotiate himself out of a paper bag.  The Chinese? Really? Hah!

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