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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

A Life & Death Journey!

We just revamped our band website and went live with it yesterday. You can check it out here: whitewolfsonicprincess. It's all a bit more up to date, easier to navigate, and it's all more functional.

You can listen to tracks, stream our Records click over to iTunes or Bandcamp to purchase downloads or order T-Shirts. There's a Sound Cloud section that features kitchen demos, band rehearsals, live tracks from shows.

There's our on-going and frequently updated R&R Diary, where we write about latest happenings  with the band. Plus band Bio, Reviews, Upcoming Shows, & Booking Info.  

Very happy with how it all came together. Another collaboration with my favorite creative partner. We have a very intimate and productive working method. In some ways we are very different, and those differences really emerge when we delve into a project together. 

We are both committed to the creative work, the "good work," and it means everything to us. Nothing is taken for granted. Everything counts. We pour our hearts and souls into everything we do. So yes, even working on a website can become an interesting, life & death journey. That's the way we do it.

It was fun going thru photos over the last few years to decide what to put on the website Photo page. Love this action photo from one of our Bucktown Garden Walk shows a few summers ago...

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