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Monday, December 05, 2016

It is Only R&R and Love!

"What do you have this morning Sunny Jimmy?" 

I don't know. It's sort of gloomy this morning. Cold. Snow on the ground. We had a great rock & roll show over the weekend, but it's the day after the day after.

"How do you make a great r&r show?" 

Beats me. There are so many factors. The time & place, the weather, the vibe of the night, the vibe of people, the competence of the sound guy, the luck of the draw, the lineup, the order, the fates, the benevolent r&r gods looking down upon our sorry souls and taking pity on us.

Once in awhile everything converges. And then it's like magic. And of course, nothing is ever perfect.  So part of the whole thing is realizing that nothing is perfect, and still giving it everything. Being totally there in the moment.

So it can be great, but not perfect. And that's rock & roll. There are way too many factors that come into play. A universe of variables. Can't account for them all. And well, isn't that how it goes?

It is only r&r. And love.

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