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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Let's See the Damn Video!

There has been a "rumor" floating around for a few months. I've heard about it from friends in the neighborhood, and read it online in a few places. Supposedly, there is a video - outtakes from Trump's Celebrity Apprentice Show, spliced together, showing Trump saying terrible, terrible, nasty things. Sort of a highlight reel of the worst of the worst of Trump's fever swamp brain.

People associated with the show have seen it. It may even have been passed around for entertainment purposes. "Hey watch this funny video of the ridiculous Little Baby-Man saying terrible nasty things about people!"

One of the people who has supposedly seen it is Tom Arnold. Who is Tom Arnold? Wikipedia tells us he is "an American Actor and Comedian." Yes, he was on Roseanne Barr's TV show. He married and divorced her. He used to appear on the David Letterman Show - hyper, sweaty, sort of funny in a  self-deprecating way. You always thought he was on something. You laughed at him or with him, but sort of felt sorry for him too. And then well, he went to rehab, you got the idea he cleaned up and he was on some sports cable talk show, and well, he entered that quasi-celebrity zone - ex-sitcom guy who turns up every once in awhile on Howard Stern or other lame talk show to tell stories about the days when he did crazy stuff. 

I've actually sort of kind of always liked the guy. Especially, probably because it seemed Letterman liked him. And that was some sort of stamp of approval. But he now does exist in this sort of subterranean cable TV/bad sitcom/stupid game show universe where lots of semi-celebrities, disreputable people of all stripes hang out. People famous from porn tapes, or drug crackups, or really degrading sitcoms, child-stars who later went off the deep end and lived to tell the tale. You know the  place where Trump ruled as the Big Daddy Boss Man.

Anyway, there were people who were hoping that this ugly video would have been released to the public BEFORE the 2016 election. But it didn't happen. But now Tom Arnold has recently been tweeting that he is one of the folks who think it's time that little video should be seen and that "Watergate Level Journalists" are on the case.

Tantalizing! Do we want to see the video? You wonder if it will just be more noise. The people who despise Trump will probably despise him more. The people who love Trump will love him more, and those who love him will just spin and rationalize his behavior. Maybe it's worth it just to watch his supporters/enablers continue to defend the indefensible?!

I suppose I'm in the camp with Kevin Drum - "Let's get it out there!"  I mean, sure it might be ugly, degrading, and unedifying, and it probably won't change one damn mind, but hell, why not? It's the new Little Big Baby Man Era.  Let's see the damn video!

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