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Sunday, December 04, 2016

Weird. Nauseating. Strange.

So yes, I live in a little progressive/liberal bubble. No doubt. And most of the people I know live in that same bubble. And our bubble has been popped. Big time. I mean our world has crashed. People are in deep mourning for their vision of a better day, a better USA.

It's a sad, doom-ridden new reality. One day, events conspire, and suddenly, "everything we know is wrong!"  Are we over-reacting?! I think, probably not. We all know that things can go horribly wrong, horribly quickly.  And we can come up with a multitude of dire scenarios fairly easily. The new man to be at the head of the government is a very sick, incompetent, and repulsive man. Not normal!

If you have a good imagination, and well, most of my friends are artists and creatives, they all have powerful, vivid imaginations, you can think of million ways we are now totally fucked. How to stay positive and engaged? Still working on that one.

I do think we need to reformulate as a force of opposition. And demand clarity. And truth. And refuse to succumb to a numb cynicism. But it is hard. Especially when you realize that there are many, many of our fellow citizens who see a completely different reality.

One day you find yourself a "stranger in a strange land." You are in the same place you were yesterday, except now, everything is totally different. Weird. Nauseating. Strange.

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