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Monday, December 12, 2016

That Would Be Treason!

I do think news that the CIA has evidence that the Russians hacked our election to help elect Trump is bombshell news. And I do think that Senators (2 Republicans & 2 Democrats) calling for a Senate investigation is a blockbuster story. And it's very weird, strange, and unprecedented for the President-Elect to be siding with Russia & Putin vs his own Congress & his own Country's Intelligence Service.

We always knew that Trump had a Putin Man-Crush. But many of us were so focused on all his other primeval views - misogynist, racist, anti-immigrant, etc. that his authoritarianism and blatant anti-democratic nature, kind of faded to the background. No more.

It's all very much front and center now. And let me just say, all of this is very much Not Normal! And if there is any evidence that Trump and his team in any way was in touch or colluded with the Russians... well, that would be treason, wouldn't it?!

We have been known to execute traitors... just saying...

Now, I was all riled up again yesterday, thinking that this is the story of our time! And if the Electors of the Electoral College were ever intended to "save Democracy," this would be a good time to make a play. But then in the back of mind mind I was wondering if this will really galvanize people? Are we so numb and flooded with information and disinformation that people just tune out?

I'm not sure.  But I do think that there are still Institutional Forces at work: a Free Press, Senators, Congress-People, Intelligence Services, and Engaged Citizens who know that something terribly, terribly wrong is happening right now.

Maybe I am naive. But I do think some folks are still committed to a free and fair Democratic America. Trump is the one guy who was able to appeal to the KGB, the KKK and Right-Wingers in the FBI. Not the real America! It is time to stand up and be counted! 

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