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Thursday, December 08, 2016

The Day to Day Battle!

This morning I stumble across Brain Pickings writing about Timothy Ferriss' new book "Tools of the Titans." Seems like essential reading...

One chapter is about Ferriss' own struggle with deep depression, and suicidal thoughts. Brings up the key questions: How not to commit suicide? How to live? How to fight off crippling depression?

Those are some of the deepest, most fundamental questions we ask ourselves. Some of us ask those questions pretty much every day!

And the tools or answers are pretty plain, simple & and easy to do...

1. Get out of your own head and think of others... those you know and love.
2. Focus on your body - move, walk, work-out. Eat well. Sleep well.
3. Do something nice for someone else.
4. If you can't make yourself happy, try to make other people happy. Buy them a cup of coffee. Smile. Make a positive comment.

I do my best to follow these rules myself. Habits. Simple. Not simple-minded. Good hygiene to keep the dark thoughts away. It's a daily thing. 

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