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Saturday, December 17, 2016

More Musings, it's that Kind of Morning...

*Yes, a persona. Pretty much smoke & mirrors. Held together by baling wire & chewing gum.

*When in doubt, I check in with my President Obama. I do it unfiltered. I refuse to be satisfied with sound-bites, short clips. I watch and listen to his press conferences in total. It's always refreshing, inspiring. He is the eye of the hurricane. The last rational, level-headed, calm, cool, intelligent, graceful, funny, brilliant politician left in Washington D.C. It's kind of amazing that as our politics totally spins out of control Obama has held the prime position of power for the last 8 years. He holds it together. And shows how it's done. Take a breath. Think before you speak. Be restrained. Measured. Don't do or say stupid shit. "When they go low, we go high." He always, always takes the high road, looks at the bigger picture. A truly amazing & gifted man. Inspiring!

*When did the GOP go totally bat-shit crazy? Was it during the Bill Clinton years? Or when George W. stole the election from Gore? Or after 9/11 on Bush's watch? Or the Iraq War? Or torture, Guantanamo, Abu Graib? Or Hurricane Katrina? Or "no child left behind?" Or the election of Obama? Twice? Maybe all that rolled up together? The GOP has totally lost it. They are no longer a mainstream political party, but a twisted, radical, irrational, force. Delusional. 

*Blind Partisanship! We learn that Putin/Russia hacked our election and how do folks in the GOP react? They suddenly like Putin/Russia! Now that is madness. Pure. Blind. Partisan. It's that kind of irrationality that will, and is, destroying our Democracy. We have entered an Orwellian nightmare. Facts don't seem to matter. Can't agree on facts. Reason and rationality seem useless. Logic? Who needs it? 

*Myself, instead of getting more radical or extreme, I seem to be heading to the middle. I want to join Obama in the eye of the hurricane. The calm center. You know where cooler heads reside? Give me facts. Let's search out the truth. Let's think. And find things on which we can agree. A place of love, honesty, forgiveness, value, integrity. Oh yes, work & purpose too!

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