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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Psychological Conflict, Incongruous Beliefs!

Hey Trump might not believe that Russia hacked America, that they passed information onto Wikileaks and tried to damage the Democrats, Hillary Clinton and destabilize our Democracy, but the New York Times has the facts. And it's a fascinating read. A blow by blow account, (How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the U.S.), of how the hack happened, why it's undoubtably Russian Intelligence, and how they have tainted our election process, and our new President-Elect.

And Kevin Drum tells us how the Republicans used the hacked info in Congressional races around the country. Yes, Republicans gleefully carried out the Russians mission. "The basic story here is simple: the Russians hacked, the media gave the revelations big play, and Republicans gleefully made use of the Russian agitprop."   Yes there was a chain, and even my favorite newspapers the New York Times and the Washington Post ended up spreading the news leaked by the Russians and Wikileaks. Perfect hack of our Democracy. Use the tools of a free Democracy to undermine it. Bad news. Bad blood.

So yes. Let's see if Trump continues to paint himself in a corner, continues to side with Putin & Russia vs. our own Free Press, Congress and CIA. That doesn't seem like a winning strategy to "make America Great again!" And will the Republicans come to account for benefiting and promoting the Russian hack of an American Election?

Lately I have been experiencing incredible cognitive dissonance - "psychological conflict as the result of incongruous beliefs and attitudes simultaneously..."

I remember the dreaded Russians. I remember hiding under my school desk, practicing the drill, just in case the nuclear holocaust was winging on it's way to us. I remember Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan building their images as the harshest of Russian Hawks. I remember Reagan telling Gorbachev to "take down this wall." I remember we always hated Russia and their leaders and their Gulags, and torture, and anti-democratic ways. 

Now, to think that our new President-Elect was the favored candidate of Russia, no longer Communist, but still not really free or fair, an Autocracy of the first order, and they actually helped the man, and they actually succeeded in their mischief.

Well, it just boggles the mind... for sure...

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