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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Is it Over Yet?!

"Is it over yet? You know the Trump Era? Can we finally put it in the history books and move on? It's been so horrifying, for so long. So many people have been maimed. Oops. Never mind. I mean, shit, it hasn't even officially started yet, right? Obama is still President. Trump isn't sworn in until January 19, 2017... holy crap..."

Besides the terrible havoc and destruction this man will wreak on us domestically and internationally, (I mean, it could get really bad, and stupid. I mean, like, stupidly bad) what's especially disheartening, is that we actually have to, sort of, kind of, pay attention to the Idiot. 

It's kind of like that Crazy Uncle you like to keep away from the kids and the dogs, but in this case, not only can't we hide him away in the attic or basement, he will actually be strutting around on the world stage for all to see and gape at. Yikes! And in order to stay somewhat engaged, we may actually have to follow along once in awhile. What a terrible waste of our precious time!

At least, can someone please wrestle his smartphone from him? And bury it deep in the bottom of the ocean? And please god, someone please, delete his freaking Twitter account? 

If we can't get rid of his Twitter feed, how about we get the major newspapers and news sites, to set up a special section, that will appear daily, a column devoted especially to his tweets, maybe they bury it in the back next to the Obituaries. The Heading of the special section will read: The Bat-Shit Crazy Shit that Nasty, Stupid Dude Tweeted Last Night at 3:00! a.m

Keep it contained. Sequestered. You know treat those tweets like they are an especially toxic virus detrimental to all thinking humans. Not for polite company!

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