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Monday, August 05, 2019

White Nationalism is a Death-Trip!

Humans. We have so many fears. We are easily worried, we are paranoid, we scare easily. We are suspicious of folks who don't look, don't dress, don't act like us. We often turn to the Big Daddies, we think they will be the tough ones who will protect us. It all just delusion.

Every day is an adventure. There is no protection. You just have to live and hope for the best. Lately it's the White People who are the scariest amongst us. The hate-filled, raging, White Nationalists telling us to be worried about those "other people."

White Nationalism is just another idiocy of our time. Race is an illusion. We are all descended from the same source. We actually really are brothers and sisters, cousins, distant relations. We are not so different from each other, except for cosmetics. The Blowhard Big Daddy is just fanning the flames of hate, ignorance and fear. It's a virus, a sickness. Folks are easily susceptible.

America. It's a beautiful idea, a melting pot of humanity of all kinds coming to these shores to live and prosper. Of course, America is also a hard place, founded on genocide and slavery. Today we are a wealthy, armed camp. Hatred and division conspires against love and community.

We are due for a reckoning. The house is on fire. Snipers are on the periphery. The Big Daddy is spouting hatred and bigotry, the rest of us have figure how to take back our streets, how to shout down the hate, how to find a sensible, responsible way forward. We have some hard tasks ahead. How to eliminate the arsenal of weapons, how to get folks to talk, to think, to listen, to put down the weapons.

Those who refuse to do the good work must be shunned, moved to the side. We should not listen to the hate, or to the ones who tell us that nothing can be done. They are the Zombies of our Democratic Dream. No sense in fearing them. Let us ignore them, dismiss them, acknowledge that they are the wayward ones who need help.

White Nationalism is a dead-end. A death-trip. A trip off the cliff.

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