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Tuesday, August 06, 2019

We Don't Have to Accept the Lies about Guns.

They Lie...

Humans. They lie about little things. They lie about big things.

Another massacre of innocents. Another mass shooting. Some humans tell us things are hopeless, that we are all helpless in the face of the carnage. That there's just nothing that can be done. It's all just the new normal.

Lies, all.

Also, of course, the gun-apologists now tell us let's blame mental illness, let's blame video games.

More lies. Terrible, damnable lies.

The worst arguments. Terrible logic. Does not stand up to simplest scrutiny. Look around the world. We are the only advanced nation on the planet with such ridiculously lax gun laws. You can't outlaw mental illness. You can't fix the human soul, but you can make it really, really hard for folks to get their hands on weapons of mass destruction. Anyone telling you that it's not possible is lying.

America loves their guns. But they can give them up. Yes. Not impossible.

We can rewrite the 2nd amendment.
We can ban guns.
We can buyback guns.
We can confiscate guns.
We can make it impossible to buy guns and ammo.

No. Not easy. We need a new consciousness about guns. We can't eliminate evil, or bad people, or terrible tragedies from happening, but we can do our best to eliminate the arsenal available to the civilian population.

Yes, we can. We just need folks to stand up and be counted. We don't have to accept the lies of hopelessness & helplessness. We can work toward a more perfect union. Yes.

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