Vote Blue 2020

Vote Blue 2020

Sunday, August 04, 2019

America's Tear-filled Eyes...

We live in America. Which means we love guns. We want to own lots of guns. We want to own every gun ever invented. We want handguns, semi-automatic guns, rifles, shotguns, tommy guns, machine guns, military-styled weapons, etc. We want stockpiles of guns and ammo. We want enough guns and ammo to supply a small regiment. We like to point to the ambiguous words of the 2nd amendment and claim that owning our own arsenal of weapons is blessed by sacred words.

Of course, this is total madness. Insane for a civil society. A fatal flaw in our thinking, in our laws, in our beings. We are the only major, civilized (I use that word  civilized  sort of cringing inside) country with such ridiculous, unnecessary, totally lax gun laws on the books. One party in particular has been totally cowardly and spineless on the issue. Did anyone say GOP? We can't outlaw hate, we can't outlaw flawed human beings, we can't reconstruct the human brain from the ground up. We can't design a clockwork orange. But we can do our best to make sure that such serious weaponry, built to kill lots of human beings, in a blink of an eye, are not available to humans willing to unleash hate and mayhem upon their fellow citizens. It should not be possible to go to your local Walmart, buy a weapon and then murder your fellow customers in the parking lot.

We hear these words over and over every time one of these horrible events occurs: hate, massacre, mayhem, bloodshed, tragedy, random, senseless, horrible, unconscionable, un-explainable. We throw our hands up and ask what can be done? We send thoughts and prayers. Not enough. Not fucking enough. Gun-control. Gun bans. Gun-buy back programs. Who will stand up and be a hero for sensible gun-control and the strict banning guns? We need you, now. America turns it's tear-filled eyes to you.

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