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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Everything is Connected!

I think my most important, deepest insight, one that I carry in the cells of my being: everything is connected. It is not just an idea, or feeling, or guess, it is an insight, a knowledge, gnosis, something that has overcome, overwhelmed me a couple times in my life. It is something I have experienced in the deepest core of my being. It's a simple thing, a simple idea, and in some ways it seems so obvious; not all that unusual, or surprising, just a fact, a belief, that colors everything else that I see, hear, and experience. It is one of the reasons I rarely feel alone. I am connected to all that lives. Of course, it's not just me, this connection unites all of us. This does not make me special. I am like everyone and everything else. Knowing this changes everything. It transforms, underlies everything. All strife, all division, all the turmoil and and hurly burly of the world comes from ignorance, from a partial understanding, a sort of blindness. Now, of course, since I am just a human being, some of the connections, some of this wisdom is a mystery to me. I am wrapped and surrounded by mystery, by unknowing, but that's all part of it too. I know that I don't know. Knowing is unknowing too.

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