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Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Anything Less is a Waste of our Precious Time!

I suppose there is a slow-motion Civil War going down in my beloved country. I live in a blue bubble on the north shore of Lake Michigan, so I am pretty isolated. Most of the folks in this community are progressive, welcoming, open-minded. It's a mixed community, a bit of a melting pot. There is a major, Midwest university nearby, this town is educated, diverse, affluent, There are some subsidized housing complexes for lower income folks. We are only a few blocks from a high-crime neighborhood with gangs, drugs, shootings, but overall the streets I walk seem safe. There are epic mansions on some of these blocks.

This place seems like the perfect American town. We are close to the big city of Chicago, so we have all the cultural advantages of the great urban megalopolis. Still, bad things happen often even around  here. Robberies, gangs, shootings, drug busts, overdoses, divorce, madness. All the human stuff.

This is no utopia. Just a community of folks. Humans who live together. Relatively peaceful. Trying to live and let live. We look across the land and see so much hate. An young, angry, white man problem. White Nationlaism. White Supremacy. Encouraged by the blubbering racist fat man in the white house.

It seems like lunacy here. Race is a lie. White Supremacy is a pernicious idiocy. We are all just human beings. Branches from the same source. I mean, I suppose I would be classified as a white guy, I am a "mongrel," a mix of genetic material from many parts of Europe. My "people" landed on these shores a few genrations ago from Poland, Ireland, Germany, etc. I don't think that makes me special, chosen, or superior to anyone. I am not threatened or afraid of "people of color." I don't understand that kind of thinking. It seems preposterous, ridiculous. So contrary to everything we know and hold dear. Look to your own soul pilgrim. Be humble. Lean to the light. Try to live with love and compassion. Anything less is just a waste of our precious time.

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