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Friday, August 09, 2019

Ideas, Feelings, Germs!

Yes. Ideas are like germs and feelings. They are invisible, they can totally overtake you. I suppose some ideas, like germs and feelings sometimes choose you. You are exposed to them and they invade you, whether you want them to, or not. Some ideas, germs and feelings are good for us, benevolent to our beings. Some are not, they are destructive, sickening.

There is a double- edged nature to ideas, feelings, germs. Are we just permeable containers? Open to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune? How to live? Carefully? Be careful of what we put inside of us? How to maintain some kind of equilibrium, stasis, stability, but at the time be open to new ideas and experiences? See new places, meet new faces?

What is the integrity of our beings? How do we judge health? When do we know this idea, this feeling, this germ is good for us? How we know when these things are destructive, that they will destroy us?

I suppose that's why we live, to find out. Seems like a difficult and messy way to go. Dangerous too. Any little germ, any stray idea, one misguided feeling can lead to a certain doom. We are teetering on the knife's edge of existence, with death and destruction around every damn corner. Welcome to my paranoia! Have a nice day!

I mean, we must  be discerning consumers. Be careful and choosy. Also we can change, evolve, morph, in fact it is highly recommended. We can change our minds, change our surroundings, change our friends, change our diets, read new books, search out new ideas, new perspectives, always be moving, flexible. You know be transparent, be like water, always flowing.

So yeah, my personal motto, "You Must Believe." But what to believe? Aye, there's the rub. Choose carefully Pilgrim. Your life, happiness, health, spiritually, intellectually and physically depends upon it.

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