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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Last Day.

Imagination:  "The ability to form mental images of things that are not present to the senses or not considered to be real."

Trippy. We all use our imaginations to visualize things. What a powerful & awesome tool. I often use my imagination when I meditate, I create images, create pictures of energy, I actively use creative visualization. I find it's the most natural, vivid and satisfying way to meditate.

Yesterday, I played a game in my head. I imagined that it was my last day on earth and that everything I was doing during the day was the last time I'd ever experience the things I was experiencing. I think writing about Peter Fonda's passing (see previous post), put me in that state of mind.

The light on the water. The soft breeze. The big, looming storm clouds. A friend's smile. The sparkle in the eye of a stranger. Energy coursing thru my body. The beat of my heart. The taste and texture of the pasta noodle on my tongue. Cold water in my mouth. The little birdies chirping. My boot-heel meeting the sidewalk. Joy rising in my chest at the sun peeking from behind a cloud. Laying on the camp bed listening to Dylan, "you tattooed my baby, with a poison pen..."

The Last Day. It wasn't. But I imagined it. And it transformed the day. I recommend giving it a whirl.

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